Animation School Review

Animation School Review

Animation Alien

We have put together a collection of the top animation schools in one place, so if you are looking for training in the animation, there are several categories of animation training that you may want to consider. Such as 2D animation, computer animation, drafting and design, digital design, film making, and many more.

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Animators work in 3-D, creating their characters with the subtleties and realistic motion of everyday life. This profession is an artful blend of creative vision and technology. In the classroom, you’ll begin with a solid design and art foundation. Computer graphics, animation, and audio and video techniques soon follow. Your goal: Build a digital portfolio that shows how well you bring your characters and storytelling abilities to life.

Animation Training
Competition to find lucrative work as an artist is fierce. And to find a job as an animator is especially tough. Therefore, if you wish to make a living as an animator, it is in your best interest to earn a degree so you can stand out among your competitors. Choose from a variety of certificate, Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, and Master’s degree programs. Find the one that suits you best.

Animation Degrees
Most traditional colleges and universities offer both a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts. While the focus is on studio work, often students are required to take courses in English, natural and social sciences and history. You will produce a full length animation piece by the time you graduate and build a portfolio that will get you started in your new animation career.

Computer Animation Training
Unlike other art forms, in animation, there is an emphasis on computer techniques. In order to excel in this field, it’s essential to learn about computer graphics and visual display software. Begin with a certificate in computer design if you don’t much time to spare. Bulking up on computer classes will make you more marketable in the field of animation as technology is highly depended upon. A successful candidate hardly need have drawing skills!

Careers in Animation
Animators create television programs, feature films and special effects on motion pictures, video and computer games. You may also choose to teach animation, drawing, computer classes, video editing, or become freelance british assignment writer. Become the top choice in your field by taking as many, varied classes as possible so that you are a master of styles and techniques in the exciting career of animation!

Areas of study in the animation field that you may want to consider on your search for animation training are listed below.

Computer Assisted Drafting and Design Programs
Get the skills you need in Computer Assisted Drafting & Design. This page lists schools and colleges offering Computer Assisted Drafting & Design programs, Computer Assisted Drafting & Design degrees, and Computer Assisted Drafting & Design certification. Online Computer Assisted Drafting & Design classes are available as well.

Computer Graphics Programs
Be a designer, and be on the cutting edge of website, graphic design, layout art and multimedia design. The page below lists schools and colleges that offer Computer Graphics programs and degrees.

Digital Design Programs
Prepare for a career in digital design creating interactive CD-ROMs, interactive touch screen displays, entertainment media, and other digital technology. This page lists digital design schools and colleges.

Digital Media Production and Design Programs
Interested in starting a career in digital media production and design? Learn how to manipulate media for sales presentations, product launches, training films, television commercials, music videos, corporate productions, and much more. This page lists digital media production and design schools and colleges.

Digital Television Programs
Get the valuable skills you need in digital television production. This page lists schools and colleges offering digital television production courses, digital television production programs, and digital television production degrees. Online digital television production classes are available as well.

Digital Video Editing Programs
From film and entertainment, to documentation, to private video editing, there are a number of ways you can make an exciting career out of digital video editing. Training and education for digital video editing is highly specialized. Check out the following programs and their offerings to find out which best suits the digital video editing career of your dreams.

Film Programs
Lights, camera, action! Get the skills you need for a rewarding career in film. This page lists schools and colleges offering film degrees, film programs, and film certification. Online film classes are available as well.

Graphic Design Programs
Do you prefer to express yourself through visual communication and design? This page lists graphic design schools and colleges offering programs and degrees in the fields of print design, interactive design, and computer game design.

Illustration Programs
Become an illustrator. This page lists schools and colleges that offer programs and degrees in Illustration. Develop your skills in drawing, painting, graphics, or animation. Make your creative and artistic passions a career.

Multimedia Production and Design Programs
Experience, produce and excel in the fields of electronic visual and aural communication. Get the skills you need in multimedia production and design. The schools and colleges listed on this page offer multimedia production and design degrees, multimedia production and design certification, and multimedia production and design programs. Online multimedia production and design courses are available as well.

Video Game Design Programs
Be a kid at heart and get paid for it! Get the skills you need in video game design. The schools and colleges below offer video game design programs, video game design certification and video game design courses. Online video game design programs are available as well.

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Programs
Set your career in motion. Get the skills you need in visual effects & motion graphics. This page lists schools and colleges offering visual effects & motion graphics degrees, visual effects & motion graphics programs, and visual effects & motion graphics certification. Online visual effects & motion graphics programs are available as well.

Computer Animation Programs