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3D Animator Animation Alien

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3D Animator

The creation of 3D character animation, under the direction of the Lead Artist and Lead Animator, that meets the originality, creative and technical quality standards of LucasArts. Mentors and sets the example to others.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate a broad range of character animation and acting skills. This includes a deep understanding of the principles of animation, and how to best employ those principles to create performance that supports both the characters and story goals of the game.
  • The creation of character animation in a variety of stylistic genres, from cartoony to realistic, mechanical to fluid, humanoid to creature.
  • Demonstrate total mastery of animation skills within a specific genre.
  • A deep understanding of character rigging. This includes a fundamental understanding of the technical processes involved, functionality and requirements.
  • Demonstrate complete mastery of professional development software tools required for character animation.
  • Take initiative to resolve art pipeline issues by researching, identifying and implementing solutions designed to streamline the art process and enhance productivity within the studio.
  • Actively promote and communicate sound solutions to technical and design issues related to animation.
  • Maintain and communicate a strong knowledge of innovative game production technologies and the capabilities / limitations of these technologies as they relate to project goals.
  • Collaborate effectively with Art leads during art review sessions that results in the finest artistic look possible.
  • Mentor and lead by example less experienced artists, providing them with support, guidance and instruction in areas that provide for their artistic and professional growth.
  • Meet project deadlines / milestones, as set by project leads, and the production department.
    Actively participate in team / department meetings.
  • Consistently exercises sound judgment in all areas of performance.
  • A reel demonstrating outstanding character animation / acting abilities; a strong understanding of the principles of animation; the physics of motion, and a wide breadth of stylistic versatility.
    A degree, or equivalent from an animation program, is strongly preferred.
  • Additional skills in the following artistic disciplines is also preferred:
    - Cel animation
    - Acting
    - Dance
    - Figure drawing
    - Character rigging
  • Professional experience working as a 3D animator in computer gaming or a related field.
  • Passion for games.
  • Strong command of Maya’s animation tools preferred.
  • Strong technical aptitude related to 3D animation tools and game engine technologies.
  • A deep understanding of the principles of 3D character set-up.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a high degree of self-direction.
  • Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be receptive to animation direction and perform well within a collaborative team environment.
  • Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.
  • Willingness to work overtime when necessary.