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Advanced Graphic Designer Animation Alien

The following job description is available to you to get an idea of what employers are looking for in candidates for a Advanced Graphic Designer postion at one of todays top employers. Take a look at some of this skills that are sought after in todays market for employers looking to fill a need for a Advanced Graphic Designer.

Advanced Graphic Designer Position Summary

Required Skills:
Advanced PhotoShop
Advanced Illustrator
Solid HTML / Dreamweaver skills
Solid Macromedia Flash experience

Role: Candidate will be asked to come up with fresh creative for complete web sites, banners, sweepstakes, promotions, landing pages, emails, and much more.

Background: Candidate should have professional experience developing corporate creative campaigns, including but not limited to complete web sites, banners, flash, animation, print and email creatives. The candidate must be able to work under tight deadlines.


Senior Artist / Lead Character Artist
Visual Designer
Freelance Web Designer
Graphics/Multimedia Specialist
Sr. Web Administrator
Web Designer
Sr. Visual Designer
Communication Consultant
Artistic Resources Creation/Manager
3D Environment Artist
Designer - Interactive
Flash Developer
Real Time cinematic Artist
Animation Software Engineer
Advanced Graphic Designer
Senior Web Designer
Web Design / Animation / Production - Rich Media / Interactive Marketing / Entertainment Industry