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The following job description is available to you to get an idea of what employers are looking for in candidates for Webmaster. Take a look at some of this skills that are sought after in todays market for employers looking to fill webmaster roles.

Webmaster Position Summary

As an integral member of the Information Systems team, the Webmaster assists the IS Manager in meeting the organization's web-based publications goals and objectives through the design, maintenance, update and management of the company's Web sites both Internet and Intranet.

The Webmaster will use a combination of design and technical skills to make these Web sites aesthetically pleasing, functional, interactive, secure and easily navigable. The Webmaster will take a leadership role in fostering user input in the enhancement of the company's Web sites and Intranet.

Webmaster Position Functions

  • 7 Assures that information on the company's Web sites is represented in a clear, concise and secure manner and that these Web sites meet the high standards of Company publications.
  • 7 Supports the IS Manager and other staff members in the accomplishment of their duties as they relate to the organization's Web publications.
  • 7 Under the IS Manager's direction, works with appropriate staff from the company to develop and maintain e-commerce solutions on our Web site(s). Identifies, implements, and maintains an e-commerce solution for the organization's Web site(s)
  • 7 Using his/her creative skills develops a consistent design structure for each of the Company's Web site publications.
  • Supports the staff with the design of Web pages that support new and existing internet-based tools and support applications.
  • Assists in developing intranet Web pages, forms and structures to serve the organization's internal needs.
  • Implements multimedia solutions for our Web site(s) (web cams, streaming video, animation and audio clips) where appropriate, and within the high standards of quality of other Company publications
  • May develop online discussion forums and/or similar interactive tools that directly serve our core constituency.
  • Makes recommendations regarding design issues, upgrades, and security relating to Internet and Intranet presence.
  • Provides for stable and high-speed connectivity to existing network.
  • Monitors Web use and provides relevant statistical data and reports regarding utilization of the Company's Web sites, making recommendations for enhancements that will increase access and utilization by internal and external constituencies.
  • Assists in monitoring software licenses to ensure compliance.
  • Insures that all Internet and Intranet Standards are met and that the Company does not intentionally violate any standards that would place the Company's domain in jeopardy.
  • Maintain and administer all legal Internet domains owned by the Company.
  • Responsible for seeking and investigating new ways to serve the Company's internal and external constituencies and for ways to use the Internet and Intranet to more effectively increase the Company's internal efficiency, flow of information and communication systems.
  • Utilizes technology to provide staff with a fast, accurate, and secure method of gaining access to information, so that they can service internal and external constituencies in the fastest, most efficient and timely manner possible
  • Operates with a high degree of autonomy and represents the Company in interactions with internal and external constituencies in a calm, friendly, and efficient manner.
  • Assists in the plans and development of systems for carrying out annual tasks such as the Implementation Plan.
  • Develops and implements training programs, seminars, and tip sheets to assist staff members in the use of the Company's Web sites (internet and intranet).
  • Assists the IS Manager with special tasks related to our Web site(s)

Webmaster Position Qualifications

  • 3 - 5 years of experience as a Webmaster and/or programmer preferred or BA/BS in computer science with 2 years direct experience
  • Must have detailed knowledge of Administrative function for IIS, AS400, Exchange 5.5 and Win2000/NT
  • Experience with development methodology in support of web projects highly desired and Object Oriented
  • Programming, N-tier design
  • Must have experience with secure web sites and demonstrate data security practices
  • Ability to bridge between IBM AS400, JHA, SQL,RPG, CL Scripting, Java and Query statements
  • Data Access, Administration and Design skills (MS SQL 2000) preferred
  • Detailed knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, security protocols and firewall pro
  • Knowledge of CL script, RPG, KIX script, Java, Java Script, VB, VBScript, C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, XML, XLS,
  • Internet and Database Security including firewall rules and protocols, etc.
  • Web site creation software program (such as MS FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver), and skills in
  • Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Fireworks or similar design software is desired.
  • Must possess a project level approach to work loads, accurately set expectations and deliver on those expectations
  • Skills in other server-side and client-side web languages such as Java, Perl, SGML, ColdFusion, ActiveX,
  • etc. would also be valuable
  • Must have developed an aesthetically pleasing web based application
  • Knowledge of W3C standards, current browser technology, and search engines is also important.
  • Must possess Data Access, Administration and Design skills (MS SQL 2000)
  • Must be able to participate in on-call schedul
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Ability to work cooperatively with all levels of staff
  • Demonstrates capacity for organization, prioritization, and management in a dynamically changing environment
  • Writes and speaks clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment toward the job and mission of the Company
  • Possession of a valid driver's license required due to travel between locations